About Drury South

Drury South, Inc. is a specialty subcontracting company based in San Antonio, Texas and has been serving Central and South Texas since 1985. For the past 38 years we have been serving the construction industry as a certified applicator of insulating concrete roof decks.

Drury South, Inc. enjoys a solid reputation among the construction industry as a company that will work with the owner, contractor, and architect to maintain the highest standards of quality for any project undertaken.

We have aligned our company with the leaders in quality for each of these given specialty items, and have long-term business relationships with the following construction manufacturers:

The Drury family has established a number of business endeavors over the last 50 years, all emerging from a plastering subcontracting business begun in the early 1950’s.

Mr. Bob Drury started the roof deck business in the 1950’s and was instrumental in the design of the equipment. He even built one of the pumps still used today to deliver the LWIC to the roof. This was just one of his many innovations.